Dear weight gain is completely normal during pregnancy moreover it's important to gain weight because it's not only your weight but babys weight Placenta weight and amniotic fluid weight is also included in your weight. A healthy weight gain in full pregnancy is 15-20kgs. And most of the weight is reduced right after delivery and rest will be reduced by breastfeeding as breastfeeding burns alot of calories..
Hai give her milk with harisina n jagreey.. Apply Vick's to feet while sleeping n rub her feet .if u put socks u can apply Vick's n den put socks ..
Hi dear, Dehydration could be one of the reason.but I also feel gastric issue if he's not frequently is his motion? Is he having constipation? Not pooping daily? It could also be stomach bug.stoma h infections re quite common in toddlers.maibtaining hygine would prevent it.give him a sanitizer to quickly clean off his hands during play time.give him plenty fluids.curd,buttermilk would help in building good bacteria in gut due to its probiotics.
Hi dear. Firstly I want to request u to not get worry just be seeing the baby size as if she is thin or fat. The main thing which u need to consider is the average weight of baby as per age as well if the baby is active, growing and attending milestones as per standard, eating well , doing potty and pee properly , sleeping well. These are the symptom of a healthy baby. Also for increasing the weight of baby at this age u should massage her every day , give proper semi solid diet and reduce the liquid intake like milk. Give banana , sweet potato, oats, curd , chicken fish whole grain Roti's , lentils , broccoli, rice apple as they play a bug role in increasing baby weight. Do give at least 3 proper semi solid meal and introduce finger food if teeth of baby has grown. Reglar good diet will improve the baby weight if baby is underweight. All the best.
Hi Dr.. Every mother is worry about this issue .. I have my daughter who is not eating anything..its just a phase because as they grow their activities start changing.. So they loose interest in food.. Try to give different variety of food.. Give more what your child likes and important thing allow your child to eat by themselves.. Try to give books puzzle when they eat rather giving mobile phones..make food time a fun and play it..
Dear a healthy weight of 2 months baby is anywhere between 4-6kgs..