Yes kiwi is safe.but ripe papaya Pine apple not to be taken.
Hi dear if you are three years old baby is still using bottle then it is not at all good for the babies oral health first of all the baby might catch cavities for water usage now bottle should have been weaned at 12 months of babies age however if for some reason you could not do it please go cold turkey about the bottle please do not offer bottle to the baby anymore if possible hide the bottle and show baby few pictures of cavities how it can affect the baby's teeth for using bottle sincere baby is already 3 years old she must know and she understands also so please talk it out with the baby and I am sure it will help .. Good luck!
it is possible to get hormonal changes when you are trying to conceive due to imbalances which is possible when you are trying to conceive there is nothing to worry in that if the bleeding is too much you should consult to the doctor in the meanwhile take food which is rich in iron like green vegetables Apple pomegranate raisins this one also help
Dear give sun light to your baby. Sun light can increase vitamin d and include fresh fatty fish, liver, some mushrooms and egg yolks. For constipation five steamed apple or apple juice to baby in morning on empty stomach..
Hi! Please complete your question so that we can help you with an answer this seems to be working fine for your baby if you have already weaned the bottle and introduced cup actually the bottle should be weaned at 12 months of babies age .. Hope this helps!