Hi dear, Y now your baby should weigh between 5-5.5 kgs.
Hi, dear there is no side effect of drinking more water postpartum rather it's good and it will keep you hydrated as you breastfeed your body need more liquid.
Planning for pregnancy1 Answers
Hi dear, Medication is important.along with a healthy lifestyle is must.having well balanced diet including lot of veggies,fruits,whole grains,pulses are needed.stay away from alcohol, smoking would help too.invilve in daily exercises.
Hi dear it's time for the Tummy to move in at least for 3-4 months you should wear it.
Hello Dear I understand your worry. There are several reasons with the usage of insulin incase of type 2 diabetes . It can quickly bring your blood glucose level down to a healthier range.. But, if you can work on your meal plan, weight loss, exercise and anti-diabetic drugs .. And can achieve targeted blood glucose (sugar) levels, it might be a possibility that insulin can be taken out of your list.. But, It depends.. You need to discuss these things with your gynaecologist and plan accordingly..