You can give your baby everything now my baby is also to hear and two months old now and I give her one Paratha in breakfast include oven green vegetable chapati dal and small portion of rice in her lunch in evening I give her roasted Lotus seeds and milk to have and at night I give her again 1 green vegetable with chapati I also apply ghee in babies Dal for chapathi whatever you want
Planning for pregnancy1 Answers
Hey beautiful, I don't know whether you are pregnant of trying for pregnancy but in both the condition you should avoid tea, coffee, junk food , fried food and sweets. In fruits it's better to avoid pineapple, papaya all the varieties of melons and grapes. In vegetables you can eat any vegetable but in normal quantity because excess consumption of some vegetables like bitter gourd brinjal etc can cause harm to your pregnancy. Take care, Hope it helps.👍😃.
8 weeks pregnant mother1 Answers
Hi dear...all fruits in moderation are healthy for you during can eat all fruits but in smaller portions ad fruits are rich in sugar which can rise your blood sugar levels if eaten in excess... Fruits like oranges, muskmelon, strawberries, Banana, kiwi, Apple, pomegranate, etc have numerous health benefits and are safe to be eaten during pregnancy..
No, it us not safe to drink banana shake every take. It will leads to cough
Hi friend it is possible to get bleeding at the anus. This can be because of constipation. This is known as piles . Take pears or prunes. Or visit homeopathy Doctor. Hope this helps take care 💝