Hi dear here is a diet chart for 3 year baby; You should start the day for your little one with a glass of milk. Along with the milk, give him/her two peeled almonds. Make sure you have soaked the almonds overnight. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and so it has to be healthy and filling. A whole wheat tomato sandwich, buttered whole wheat toasts, stuffed parathas or a salad wrap seems like a good option for breakfast. Give them the healthy lunch including small bowl of rice & dal , 1 chapati & vegetable . Give them evening snacks which can include their favorite milkshake with their favorite cookies . Dinner should be light , a bowl of vegetables with 2 chapati , half a bowl of dal will be enough for your little one
Hello dear. If the baby is active and eating well then having less height could be genetic if parents have less height. The height and overall devlopment of the baby depends on the healthy and balanced diet too. Your child’s height depends on various factors like genes, the level of physical activity, quality of diet, his overall medical condition and so on. No one factor can determine your child’s height, but there are natural ways to increase height in children.You should include foods like Milk, fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, oatmeal, Eggs, Chicken, Soybeans, Dairy Based Foods, Fish. Hope it helps.
Visit doctor at the earliest, so that problem can be diagnosed well in time, don't worry, it may be some minor problem indication
Hello dear. Zinc babies ki apatite ko increase karne mein help karta hai. Aap apni beti ko Wheat bran, cashew nuts, aur pumpkin seeds dijiye. Iske alava doctor se zinc supplement prescribe karwaiye. Main bhi wahi deti hun jab meri beti ki bhuk kam ho jati hai. Hope it helps.
U help to play outdoor games
Hi.. Yes, it is a good brand and meant for sensitive skin.. You can use it on your baby's skin..