Breastfeeding: A journey worth remembering

Breastfeeding: A journey worth remembering

My name is Sanvi Sharma, and my happiness knew no bounds when I came to know that I was pregnant. The pregnancy journey was smooth, happy & filled with excitement as I had a life growing inside me. I used to always keep myself updated on each and every pregnancy phase that I was about to enter. However, I never felt the need to read & be aware about breastfeeding as I thought that I would be able to master it.

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After a few pushes, pain & stitches I was given the love of my life, my baby. The doctors immediately held her across my breasts. I remember how frantically she was trying to latch on my breasts for some milk. Initially my baby had trouble latching. I remember how embarrassed I used to feel every time I used to call the nurse or my mom to help hold the baby to latch well. This was followed by pain as my body was recovering from the delivery, stitches and hormones.The nurse told me that it was absolutely normal to feel a slight pain & asking for help to get my baby to latch was something that almost all new moms face initially.

The breastfeeding challenges that I was not at all prepared for

After a little help and lactation counselling my baby finally started latching properly. However, when she finally started latching I realized that I had low breast milk. My whole world just fell apart. I felt like a failure. A mom who cannot give her baby her basic food. However, my husband, friends and my mom were very supportive.

My friend advised me to pump between feedings as this will help in increasing the milk supply. My mom prepared gond ke ladoo and as I am a sweet lover I enjoyed eating these. As advised I drank lots of water, ate protein rich food, fed my baby from both sides and would also find ways to keep myself stress free. My mom used to always tell me that all that I am going through will be worth it and it is all for the good of my baby. All this really helped me physically & mentally to breastfeed my baby. Feeling determined, I started reading books, watching videos on breastfeeding & how to improve breast milk

I started monitoring her diaper counts which was quite good and she had also started gaining weight. She started staying more active and happy. All this made me happy & also boosted my confidence.

This is what I have learnt so far

  • Breastfeeding is not an easy journey. It has its own ups and downs. It is okay to cry, it is okay to ask for help, it is okay to accept your body as it is. Just as every mom is different, every baby is different.
  • You will get a lot of advice from people based on what they have experienced or heard.However, only you know what's best for your baby and follow your gut feelings.
  • If you are confused or facing a problem, talk to your doctor or a lactation specialist to get help.
  • The science of breastfeeding is really amazing. The more you feed the more milk your breasts make.
  • Do involve your husband also in this breastfeeding journey. Talk to him about what you feel, share responsibilities so that you will be less burdened.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for support from your husband, family & friends as this plays an important role in boosting your confidence & making this journey easy.

For every moms out there

Creating and giving birth to a child is one of the biggest blessings that God has bestowed upon us. I believe that every mom should be proud of herself. Whether she is having a comfortable breastfeeding journey or whether she is using formula milk or if she has faced some of the worst breastfeeding challenges. Each & every mom out there is doing the best for their babies and should always love themselves the same way they love their baby.

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