All about Cesarean delivery

All about Cesarean delivery

Cesarean delivery is a way of delivering the baby by making a cut in the uterus. There can be many reasons for which your doctor might advise you to have a cesarean delivery instead of a normal delivery. In fact, these days, some pregnant women ask the doctor for cesarean delivery, even when there are no complications.

As a pregnant woman, you might have many questions and doubts about cesarean delivery. The thought of having surgery might be worrying you. Don’t worry. Cesarean delivery is a very common procedure. You and your baby, both will be safe.

In this blog, we have answered all the common questions about cesarean delivery.

What is cesarean delivery?

Cesarean delivery is commonly called ‘C-section’. In this procedure, your baby will be delivered by making a cut in your stomach, instead of delivering through the vagina. The procedure will be done in an operation room (OR). Before the surgery, you will be given local anaesthesia so that you don’t feel any pain. The doctor will make a cut in your lower stomach and uterus and your baby will be delivered through this cut. After the procedure, the cuts will be closed with surgical stitches. The operation takes less than 2 hours.

When is cesarean delivery done?

when is cesarean delivery done

If normal delivery is not safe for you and your baby, your doctor will advise you to have a cesarean delivery. This can happen for many reasons like:

  • An earlier C-section: If you already have C-section cuts from a previous pregnancy, it may create complications in a normal delivery. So your doctor may recommend a cesarean delivery in such cases.
  • Your baby’s head is facing the wrong way: In a normal pregnancy, it is necessary that your baby’s head is down, towards your vagina.
  • You have an infection: If you have any infections or diseases like HIV or genital herpes, the infection can pass on to your baby in a normal pregnancy.
  • Complications in pregnancy: In case of complications like placenta previa, there can be a lot of bleeding, which can be avoided in cesarean delivery. In cases like gestational diabetes(sugar in pregnancy), your baby might be overweight or larger in size. Even in such cases, a cesarean delivery is safer.
  • You are having multiple babies: If you are pregnant with twins, triplets etc., your doctor will recommend cesarean delivery to reduce pain and avoid complications.

Apart from these reasons, these days, many women ask for cesarean delivery to avoid labour pain. If you also want to request for cesarean delivery, talk to your doctor about this to know more.

Is cesarean delivery really necessary?

cesarean delivery really necessary

If your doctor has recommended a cesarean delivery, try to understand the reason for this. If you are still in doubt, you can have a second opinion from a different doctor. But know that most doctors advise having a cesarean delivery only when a normal delivery is dangerous.

How painful is cesarean delivery?

cesarean delivery pain

You will get local anaesthesia before the surgery so that you don’t feel any pain. After the surgery, you might feel some pain on the stitches for a few weeks. Your doctor will give you painkillers for this.

You might feel some pain while breastfeeding your baby after cesarean surgery. This pain will slowly go away in a few weeks.

Can you avoid having a cesarean delivery?

By taking good care of your diet and lifestyle, it is possible to reduce the chances of having a cesarean delivery. With the right diet, rest and exercise, you can avoid many complications like gestational diabetes (sugar in pregnancy) and avoid cesarean delivery.

If your doctor has recommended a cesarean delivery, understand the reason for this. Take a second opinion from a different doctor if you want. Know that many complications can be avoided by having a cesarean delivery, so don’t be scared of the surgery.

Will the C-section stitches look bad?

c-section stitches

The stitches on your C-section cut will look rough and red in the beginning. This will slowly reduce over time, and soon, you will only see a light line. The cut is usually very low on your stomach and will usually get covered by your underwear.

What may happen after cesarean delivery?

  • It may take more time to recover after cesarean delivery when compared recovery after a normal delivery.
  • You might get infections, blood clots or have bleeding in the C-section stitches.
  • You might get wounds from the cut on your uterus and bladder.
  • You might experience some side-effects from the medicine and painkillers.
  • If the cesarean surgery is done before 38 weeks of pregnancy, your baby might have breathing problems after birth.

After having a cesarean delivery, is it possible to have a normal delivery next time?

normal delivery after having a cesarean delivery

After delivering a baby by C-section once, it is NOT guaranteed that your next delivery will also be a C-section. If you take good care of your health, diet and lifestyle, it is possible to have a normal delivery. Your doctor will only advise you to have a cesarean operation in cases when normal delivery is not possible.

If your doctor advises you to have a cesarean delivery instead of a normal delivery, don’t be scared. It is a very safe procedure for both you and your baby. If you are considering having a cesarean delivery instead of a normal delivery, tell your doctor in advance, at least a few weeks before your due date. In the end, no matter what type of delivery you have, your happiness while having your baby in your arms will be the same.

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