Dear if you have breathing problem or a asthma tendency then inhaler is save option then taking oral medicine. gsb for taking in hello you should consult you can just once to confirm the dose of the medicine.
No u should not eat papaya, pineapple, grapes
At least 6 week me bad
Hi dear, not to is not necessary that every pregnant women should have pregnancy symptoms in the pregnancy.usually morning sickness symptoms will start developing after 6-8weeks.even if will not have symptoms does not mean that your baby is not healthy.if you will not get any symptoms ,not to worry.most of the women delivered healthy and active baby even without any symptoms.take care
Hi.. Sone se pehle bache ki daily massage kare isse uski thakaan door hogi aur baby ko ache se neend aa jayegi aur aap baby ka head massage bhi jaroor kare. Sote time aap baby ko soft cotton ke kapde pehnaye jisme wo comfortable ho.. Isse bache aaram se soyenge.
dear some females face symptoms and some not so symptoms can be increased vaginal discharge a little bit of a cramping nausea vomiting sleepiness the dizziness etc
Yes u can but start with simple solid food like fruits puree... I had started giving to my baby when 4th month started. I had given apple puree, papaya puree..
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It helps in fertility n boost ovulation.