Premium Saffron For Pregnancy Wellness

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Frequently Asked Questions 

It is absolutely safe to consume Healofy Naturals saffron during pregnancy as it is GMP certified and doctor’s approved. For best results consume it in moderation and avoid consuming it in the 1st trimester of your pregnancy.

Yes. This saffron is pure, untouched and 100% original.

You can soak a few strands in 20ml of milk or water. Use the milk either to season any sweet or mix the 20 ml milk into a glass of milk, stir it and consume it.

Yes, it has a nice aroma and flavour. The aroma is the mark of its purity.

Not necessarily, you can use saffron strands for seasoning sweet dishes or as flavoured rice too.

During pregnancy, not only your body but your mind also undergoes a lot of changes. This time calls for calmness and peace from within. However, would you take just anything for that? No right! That is why we bring you the purest saffron or kesar out there- Healofy Naturals Premium Saffron for Pregnancy Wellness. This is one of the most naturally and safely made saffron that is perfect for your wellness during your pregnancy journey, in short the best saffron brand out there. 

But how does saffron ensure wellness during pregnancy? What are the saffron health benefits for a pregnant woman? How does kesar benefit during pregnancy at all? Kesar, jafran or saffron has been known to be a perfect companion during any pregnancy. The saffron is a perfect home remedy for many pregnancies related changes and problems. 

The benefits of saffron during pregnancy are plenty.To start with, saffron balances out your moods and reduces mood swings, which further keeps your baby happy as well. It acts as an antidepressant that boosts blood flow to the brain and produces serotonin that elevates your mood while making you happy.
Furthermore, the saffron ensures peaceful sleep by reducing anxiety and relaxing the mind.
The pure organic saffron also aids in pregnancy digestion by improving blood flow to your digestive system, hence enhancing metabolism.
This kesar during pregnancy is great to be consumed for it relieves cramps and pains by relaxing the muscles. 

Saffron during pregnancy ensures a bodily balance from within by making your blood flow better and creating a harmony within you during the times of high hormonal changes.

The saffron or kesar is amazingly beneficial to be consumed during pregnancy as it aids in easy child birth by preparing mom’s body. Add a few strands of kesar/saffron to your milk during pregnancy and consume it for improved health and wellness. 

The premium saffron does not contain any toxins, is SLS and paraben free, clinically tested and doctor approved and therefore extremely safe to be consumed during pregnancy. What’s even better? You can buy saffron online at the comfort of your home.

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